Heat Pad Area   Heat Pad Area Dimensions   Heat Pad Holders

Pictures above show the Heat Pad Area from the inside of the cage.
These pictures show cages upside-down with heat pads placed in Heat Pad Area.
    Large Heat Pad Areas on all cages have plenty of room for small, medium or large heat pads.
Heat Pads and Dome Lights
can be accessed from the back
without taking down the stacks

Dimensions of the Heat Pad Area

Heat Pad Area dimensions on our
24"L x 18"H x 16"D  Cage

Heat Pad Area dimensions on our
36"L x 24"H x 24"D  Cage
48"L x 18"H x 24"D  Cage
60"L x 24"H x 24"D  Cage

Heat Pad Area is
12" x 14"
Heat Pad Area is
12" x 19"
bottom of cage bottom of cage

Heat Pad Holders

A Heat Pad Holder helps keep your heat pad in place when stacking cages.

Pictures show the back of the cages-  with one cage stacked on top of another.

Top cage

Bottom cage
Do you need a Heat Pad Holder ?
Heat Pads are designed to stick to the bottom of cages
with peel-and-stick adhesive that comes
with the heat pad.
The adhesive on the heat pads isn't strong
enough to hold the heat pad onto the bottom of the cages.
Our Heat Pad Holders act as a platform or shelf that supports the heat pad so it wont drop down onto the dome light below.

Heat Pad Holders are made of rigid aluminum and slip in between the top and bottom cages.

If you're getting more than one cage, or adding more cages to your set up,  you'll probably need Heat Pad Holders.

    Order Heat Pad Holders
     With your cage order -        shipping - Free Qty -
  $19.25 ea.         ( any quantity )

     Without a cage order - shipping   $13.95 Qty -
  $26.99 ea.   ( any quantity )

All the Heat Pad Holders are the same and work with all of our cage sizes

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