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Showcase Cages has 30 years experience in cage design and manufacturing
resulting in a premium line of State-of-the-Art Reptile Cages
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Construction Tempered Glass Doors
Five Colors Aluminum Tracks
No Assembly Heat Pad Area
Stacking Heat Pad Holder
Alignment Slot  Fluorescent Light Area
Easy Cleaning    
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   Durable, Lightweight Construction
Cages that can last a lifetime !
   Fish tanks, wood cages, particle board, fiberboard, and melamine cages, use to be your only choice for your reptiles.
      These older designs are delicate and can be easily damaged by moisture and everyday use.
   Our modern state-of-the-art cages are the next generation in cage design and materials.
      Constructed of High-Density Polyethylene Plastic they are extremely sturdyvirtually indestructible cages that can last a lifetime !
   Wood, Particle Board, Fiberboard, and Melamine cages will rot and fall apart due to moisture and water damage no matter how
      you try to water-proof them.
      Wood, particle board, fiberboard, and melamine cages will need to be replaced much more frequently due to this inherent problem with them.
   Our cages are completely impervious to any water damage !
       Waterfalls, Misting Systems, etc. can be used with no worry about damage from water. Water can even be added directly into the cage.
       And unlike wood, fiberboard and melamine cages, our cages are resistant to mold, can not rot or have mite infestation,
       and have built-in UV light protection and chemical resistance.
   A Seamless One-Piece Design means Our Cages Can Not Leak.
      ( another major problem with wood, particle board, fiberboard, and melamine cages ).
   Our Lightweight Cages are easy to stack and rearrange, and can be easily transported. Click for more info  

    Five Unique Granite Colors
24 x 18 x 16   36 x 24 x 24    48 x 18 x 24  60 x 24 x 24
Showcase Cages offers 5 great looking colors
at no extra charge !
RedSand Granite Desert Granite Green Granite Sandstone Black Granite

   No Assembly Needed.        One-Piece  Seamless and Leak-Proof  Design.       Ready to Use.

Most cage manufacturers
ship a confusing puzzle of parts

  making you spend days assembling
dozens of tiny parts, pieces and panels.
Our cages are a one-piece design - Ready to Use !
No assembly needed !    No tools required.

   All Sizes are Stackable
   All of our cages are stackable in many different combinations.
   Expensive rack systems are not required !
   Our modern design allows access to the Fluorescent
      Light Area, Dome Light Area, and the Heat Pad Area
      without entering the cages or having to unstack them.

    Cage Alignment Slot   
   A unique Cage Alignment Slot, included on all of our cages, helps keep the front of the cages neatly aligned.






Cage Alignment Slot
 Click for more info

     Easy Cleaning

    Wipe cages out with a wet sponge or take them in the yard and hose them out.
               You can't do that with fiberboard, melamine, or wood cages !

     Our cages can not be damaged by water
or any cage-cleaning solutions.      
   Smooth interior surfaces and rounded inside corners
      makes cleaning easy.

Top and Bottom Aluminum Door Tracks
Lockable 1/4" Thick Tempered Glass Doors
  Pre-installed Aluminum Tracks
     allow both cage doors to slide left and right.
  Two Tempered Sliding Glass Doors are included.
  Most cage manufactures use Plexiglas or Acrylic which will scratch, warp and become hazy over time. We use thick 1/4" polished high strength tempered safety glass which is up to 10 times stronger than standard glass. Our competitors are not likely to include tempered glass doors with their cages.

  Premium-Grade Anodized Aluminum Door Tracks
are extremely sturdy and can not rust.

  Two door handles are also included with every cage.
  Both doors are easily removed when
   you need full access into your cage.

    Heat Pad Area   

  State-of-the-art cage design includes an area for a Heat Pad in all of our cages !

  There are two Heat Pad Areas on our 60"L cages.



Click for
more info

Heat pad area from inside the cage   Heat pad area -  Cage upside down

  Dome Light Areas and Heat Pad Areas are offset to one side providing your animals with both warm and cool areas.

  When stacking cages, our advanced design allows access to heat pads from the back without entering the cage or having to unstack them !

    Heat Pad Holder   ( optional )
  Make sure your heat pads stay in place.

   Heat Pad Holders work like a shelf  for your heat pads. Click for more info

    Fluorescent Light Area 
  Our State-of-the-art cage design includes an area for a Fluorescent Light Fixture in all of our cages !
One fluorescent fixture can be used ...      or combine several shorter fluorescent fixtures.
60"L cage with one 48" fluorescent light strip   60"L cage with three 18" fluorescent light strips
Six 24"L Cages
Stacks like this can use six individual fluorescent fixtures
or three 48" fixtures.
  When stacking cages, our advanced design allows for easy
replacement of the flourescent light fixtures and bulbs
from the side of the cages without entering the cages
or having to unstack them !
Dimensions of the
Fluorescent Light Area
Side View
These dimensions are the
same on all of our cages
Single-tube Strip Lights work great in this area.
Front Lighting :

  The interior look of your cage is an important factor in your home, in pet stores, or anywhere you display your cages,
     so we've provide "Front Lighting".

   Front Lighting means that the location of your fluorescent light fixture is positioned at the front of the cage.
   Front Lighting helps prevent the light bulbs from glaring in your eyes and provides bright and even lighting throughout the cage.
   The dual-purpose lighting areas are large enough to provide the maximum amount of ventilation for your animals.

Cage Features
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