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Showcase Cages has 30 years experience in cage design and manufacturing
resulting in a premium line of State-of-the-Art Reptile Cages
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Cord Slot
Dome Light Area
Decorative Front
Litter Dam
Cord Hole & Grommet
Fast Delivery
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    Cord Slot  
  A built-in Cord Slot provides a way for the fluorescent light power cord to exit out the back so it cant be seen from the front or sides.

  A Cord Slot is included on all of our cages. There are two Cord Slots on our 60"L cages.

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    Dome Light Area   
  Our State-of-the-art cage design includes an area for a Dome Light in all of our cages !

  There are two Dome Light Areas in our 60"L cages.

   Dome Light Areas and Heat Pad Areas are offset to one side
        providing your animals with both warm and cool areas.

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   The highest grade aluminum mesh is used as a barrier
        between hot delicate bulbs and your animals.

   The Dome Light Area mesh and the Fluorescent Area mesh
        is also used to provide ample ventilation in each cage.

   Both the Dome Light Area and Fluorescent Light Area mesh
        is inset so that the edges are not exposed.
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  Dome light fixtures of various sizes can be used in the Dome Light Area.
Basking Lights, Ceramic Heat Emitters, Black Lights are typically used in this area.
5.5" Dome Light
8.5" Dome Light
10" Dome Light

     Decorative Front Face
   A decorative molded front face gives our cages an attractive furniture appearance.
    We've designed our cages not only to be functional, easy to use and long lasting, but also to look good wherever you set them up.
    A great looking stylish front face on all our cages gives a consistent appearance from one cage size to the next.
    Rounded corners and edges combined with FIVE granite colors make our cages the best looking anywhere !

     Litter Dam   

   The litter dam is a barrier that helps keep the substrate, water, etc. inside the cage.

   The litter dam also raises the bottom track up from the floor helping to keep substrate out of the track.

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    Cord Hole and Grommet

   A Cord Hole provides an opening into the cage for power cords, misting systems, probes, etc.

   One Cord Hole and Grommet is included with every cage.
Cord Hole
back of cage
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   Keylocks  ( optional )
    Make sure your cage doors stay closed with a Keylock

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    Fast Delivery to your Door  

   Store-to-Door Delivery

Our Cages, Display Stands and Locks ship to your door
from our warehouse in Southern California by FedEx, UPS, or USPS Priority Mail
every business day of the year anywhere within the contiguous U.S.

  Showcase Cages offers many improvements over other cage manufacturers including

        An Unmatched Cage Design
        A Variety of  Display Stands
        FIVE Great Looking Color Choices
        and the Fastest Service around

All of our Cages and Stands
  are proudly made in the U.S.A. !

Cage Features
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